House Rules
This event is a role playing airsoft experience game. We are trying to maintain a high level of game play to create a realistic enviroment.
Aggressive behaviour or bullying will not be tolerated of any kind.
Any players arguing with anyone for no good reason will be told to leave site immediately.
We have all played this sport before & know what is expected of each of us!
Please don't be late for any of the briefs as they will continue without you. Game info is important for your enjoyment of the weekend.
Cheat hit calling will not be tolerated. Tell a marshal immediately and they will deal with it. NOT three hours later, as the issue has passed as this makes any resolve hard to deal with. Cheating will not be tolerated and you will leave site and be banned from all future events ran by Shadow Company.
The BANG rule is not enforced during Shadow Company's games so expect to be hit at relative close range within buildings our the woodland (in line with firing rule of 5 meters minimum). However at close range we do expect common sense from all players.
Random Cronoing will be in operation at each regen area. Any weapons found to be over the limit will be ticketed and held in the site office until end of play sunday. All players are asked to ensure that your weapons are under the MAX FPS limits for our games. Crono will be available on Friday night for players to check. See a Marshall at the safezone. which will be marked on your map.
                      Magazine Capacities and Ammo Limit Rules
NO Hi-Cap Mags to be used.
NO Box Mags unless on Support Weapons - Minimi/GPMG/M60 only.
Standard or Mid-Cap Mags only for all other weapons.
There are NO AMMO LIMITS - Players can carry as many standard or mid-cap mags as they wish/are able to.
Reload whenever you like - Players can reload their mags at any time, either in the regen zones/safezone or in the field (when safe to do so - try to find hard cover and have a team-mate provide covering fire if possible).
Any player found using home made pyros will be expelled
Standard and Mid-Cap mags are available for purchase from Tacktical Stock at any time and will also be available from the Airsoft store stall at the event.
                                              Building Rules
The Firing of Weapons inside buildings is to be done preferably by pistols only however if you are not carrying a pistol or a short, then for longs it is to be on a single shot basis only, ideally we would place a pistol only rule to take effect, but we are aware that not everybody carries a short, so if your entering any building please use your pistol or switch your long to single shot. If you stand in a door way you are not to shoot either in or out on auto (semi auto only)!
This is for game effectiveness as well as health & Safety (see also Bang Rule)
Once you are inside a building you may fire out from the building using your long & on full auto, you may also fire into a building using a long on full auto, it is once you enter the building you must abide to this pistol/single shot rule.
Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be expelled from the game. This rule is in effect THROUGHT the WHOLE weekend. Day & Night.
                                                   Pyro rules
NO home made pyros! You can purchase pyros during the event.
This is for Health and Safety reasons. Pyro  purchased from Tacktical Stock will be OKAY in the game and could result in any player carrying pyros.
Military smokes are allowed outside of buildings. Not inside.
If a pyro goes into a room any one in the room is dead unless behind hard cover!! Hard cover must sheild the entire body. A couple of ammo tins/bricks does not count as hard cover!
All bangs are classed as grenades.
Outside or in open terrain. Mk5 kills within 5m/15' radius. Hard cover does apply!!
Smoke is smoke. Does not represent anything else!
Any other pyro which has larger effects on game play will be used by a marshal and players will be told on the spot if they are within the blast area. Hard cover then may not apply!! And players will be asked to return to regen!
                                          HEALTH & SAFETY 
·  All accidents must be reported to a marshal and entered in to the accident book. 1st Aid point will be told to you before the start of play.
· Emergency rendezvous point is: Will be told to you before start of play.
·  Notify staff of any medical conditions/medication you may be taking. Medication must be kept in top left hand pocket with any relevant details.
·  Eye protection must be worn at all times, except in the designated safe zone! 
·   Protective footwear must also be worn (i.e. boots). Trainers are not acceptable as they do not provide any protection from injury on the site.
·   It is recommended that players wear gloves throughout the game to offer additional protection from falls, shots etc
·   Do not access building lofts. No climbing on roofs. No climbing up ladders. 
·  Toilets are located at various points around site. DO NOT use buildings as toilets.
·  No loaded weapons allowed in the safe area's.
·  Any objects that appear on the floor and look suspicious or dangerous must be reported to a marshal. Under no circumstances do you pick them up.
· In case of an emergency during games, marshals will sound the whistle with three long blows. Upon hearing this you must place your weapon on the ground and take two steps back, and wait until told it is safe to continue play.
· Do not stand in front of moving vehicles.
· Vehicles must stop at check points.
·  No cooking inside buildings.
·  You are responsible for your kit. Shadow Company cannot be held responsible for kit lost, stolen or damaged.
·  Any radio equipment that is provided to players by Shadow Company will be charged for if lost, damaged or stolen. These must be  returned at the end of play.
· Sleeping in game is done so at your own risk, players MUST keep eye protection on at all times. Personnal kit is to be kept to a minimum in game area’s. Keep it in your car until you need it!
·  Please respect the sites – if  doors/windows won’t open don’t force it. If you cause deliberate/unnecessary damage then you will be charged for the repairs. No opening and shutting of doors and windows. Buildings will be cleared by a marshal if you are shooting through small gaps or using the shutters to your advantage.
· Locked doors or areas cordoned off with barrier tape are out of bounds.
·  All safety measures that are imposed by the organisation of the event should be followed.
· All players should be constantly aware that in the line of fire no objects or animals or third parties are present that might potentially get hit.
·  If and when a vehicle is used, the suggestions of the organisation and/orthe  forest ranger should be followed and obeyed at all times. The roads and/or nature should not be damaged.
 · We do not allow any paramilitary, political, religious or other believes and will not tolerate any signs of political preference (orally and physically).
                                            FPS Limits
FPS Limits are: - AEG and Support weapons 380 fps maximum 425. Sniper rifles 650 fps maximum – min engagement distance 25m. Fixed support weapons 425 fps maximum.
Weapons will be randomly chrono-ed throughout the weekend on an adhoc basis.
Any guns exceeding specified FPS limits will be removed from play.
No blind firing. You must see what you are firing at.
                                                    Have  a great event!