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About Us
Shadow  Company
The aim of Shadow Company is to use and pass on our extensive (125+ years) militairy and special operations experience and expertise by the organisation of Airsoft Milsim Outdoor Events and the creation of real life militairy simulations and situations.
Our Company is based on the organisation of  Milsim/Airsoft games and the fact that the needs of our customers is of key importance. That is why our team is completely dedicated to fullfill these needs. As a result a large part of our customers are repeat clients and referrals.
Our events are desiged to providing you with:
  • team building opportunities
  • CQB training
  • militairy experience with tactics and training
  • a great experience!
We are pleased to also win your confidence by offering you the best service available in our line of business.
With regards to specifica questions and prices, please use the contact form available under CONTACT.
We challange and invite you for:
Act of valor                                                                                                                 
25 26 February 2012                                                                                                                   
The Valley, Maasmechelen, Belgium
Training Days Dates  weekend  Milsim Operation
Training and Milsim similation Operation 
contact us to ensore your ticket place ...
‘Are you though enough?’
Our team speaks  Dutch, German, French and English. 
Please mail
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